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Kenneth Brailsford Resumes Role as CEO of Zija International


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Moringa Oleifera
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A pioneer in the herbal encapsulation field, Kenneth Brailsford leads the private equity firm KEB Enterprises and focuses on high growth investment opportunities. In early 2018, Kenneth Brailsford resumed the position of CEO of Zija International, a company he founded. Employing the hashtag #NaturalHealthRevolution, Zija maintains operations across more than 50 countries and helps people achieve Life Unlimited.

The impetus for Zija occurred in 2005, when Mr. Brailsford learned about the remarkable health benefits of Moringa oleifera, a plant native to South Asia with leaves rich in protein, calcium, essential vitamins, and other nutrients. Through Zija, he created a network that offers thousands of entrepreneurs the opportunity to access income and relationship-focused marketing experience that they otherwise could not have gained.

With Zija having been recognized by Utah Business Magazine as the “Fastest-Growing Company in Utah,” Mr. Brailsford described the firm as one with an aggressive growth strategy, coupled with a commitment to creating a legacy that will live on for decades.


Zija International’s Moringa Oleifera Products

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Image: zijainternational.com

Known as the “Father of Herbal Encapsulation,” Kenneth Brailsford founded Nature’s Sunshine in the 1970s. Kenneth Brailsford also went on to found Zija International, which sells a number of products made with Moringa oleifera.

Moringa oleifera is a tree grown in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in northwest India. The tree’s seeds, fruit, and leaves have long been used for medicinal purposes, as they contain over 90 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, and omega oils.

Zija International’s Moringa products stand out from others in that all of the company’s trees grow on proprietary farms without chemicals. The trees are harvested by hand and dried in the shade, a process that keeps the nutrients intact.

These nutrients serve a number of purposes, such as reducing inflammation and facilitating digestion. Moringa also is taken to improve mental clarity and increase energy levels.

Zija sells Moringa in a variety of formats, including capsules and a powder to make supplement drinks. To learn more about Zija and its Moringa-based products, visit www.zijainternational.com.

The Moringa Tree and its Health and Nutrition Benefits

A recognized expert in the nutritional supplement field, Kenneth Brailsford has had a long and varied career spanning more than three decades. In 2004, Kenneth Brailsford founded Zija International, a company responsible for developing a wide range of nutritional products based on the fruit, seeds, and leaves of the Moringa tree.

Flourishing predominantly in tropical and subtropical parts of the world, the Moringa tree contains flowers, seed pods, and leaves, all of which can be consumed safely by humans. The tree is thought to have healing powers and is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat a wide range of illnesses.

Fresh Moringa leaves contain large quantities of vitamins A, B, and C, potassium, protein, calcium, and iron. The nutritional properties of the Moringa tree have been used to help regulate blood pressure, reduce levels of sugar in the body, relieve symptoms of diarrhea, colitis, and dysentery, and improve energy levels and quality of life in patients with AIDS.

Additionally, the leaves may help women produce greater quantities of breast milk, thanks to its elevated levels of potassium, calcium, and iron. Infants who are failing to thrive may be offered Moringa as a source of iron, encouraging healthy weight gain.

Zija International – A Unique Business Opportunity

Utah-based entrepreneur Kenneth Brailsford developed intertwined careers in the direct-marketing and nutritional supplement industries. Considered a pioneer of network marketing and herbal encapsulation, he introduced commercial herbal capsules in the 1970s. In the 2000s, Kenneth Brailsford revolutionized the health-and-wellness industry again by founding Zija International.

Zija International transforms the vitamin- and antioxidant-packed leaves of the moringa oleifera tree into rejuvenating and invigorating products, including weight-management supplements, energy drinks, skincare creams, and liquid nutritionals. Dubbed the “miracle tree,” moringa oleifera draws its nickname from the health benefits of its nutrient-rich components and its staple as a traditional medicine in parts of Africa and Southeast Asia.

Headquartered in Lehi, Utah, Zija International offers a turnkey business opportunity for independent sales professionals and motivated entrepreneurs. The affiliate sales program connects direct sellers with easy-to-use tools and dependable support. Zija affiliates may earn compensation through a number of methods, among them direct selling, regular bonuses, and team commissions. Some of the program’s perks include training at Zija University and access to the T.E.A.M. 250 business-building initiative. Learn more at www.drinklifein.com.

Zija Included among the UV50

Kenneth Brailsford, an entrepreneur active in the health and nutrition sector, founded Zija International and presided over the company in its early years as majority shareholder and chief executive officer. Over his career, he has founded and led nutrition companies including Nature’s Sunshine and Nature’s Lab, Inc. Among his industry peers, Kenneth Brailsford is widely recognized as the “father of herbal encapsulation,” because he was the first person to introduce herb capsules to the American market.

Zija International, a Utah company furnishing weight management and other natural nutrition products to a diverse range of customers, recently was recognized for the strength of its business operations. For the past six years, Utah Valley BusinessQ has honored innovative companies that demonstrate impressive drive.

Zija ranked eighth in the Fastest Growing Companies category, and it was sixth among the Top Revenue Companies. Utah BusinessQ recognized Zija and its top-ranked peers at the UV50 Gala, which took place on June 26 in Cedar Hills, a city in the north-central region of Utah.