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The More Than 100-Year History of Lehi Roller Mills

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Lehi Roller Mills
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A prominent figure in the nutritional supplement industry, Kenneth Brailsford has guided such companies as Nature’s Sunshine, Nature’s Labs, and Zija International. Currently, Kenneth Brailsford leads private equity firm KEB Enterprises, which maintains holdings including flour manufacturer Lehi Roller Mills.

A company with a history dating back to the early 1900s, Lehi Roller Mills was initially known as the Lehi Roller Mill and Elevator Company. Initially serving farmers in the Lehi, Utah, area, the mill benefited from a shareholder investment of $20,000 in 1905 and began producing flour the following year.

In 1910, the mill came under the ownership of George C. Robinson, an individual who established a practice of producing high-quality flour; a tradition that still continues today. Mr. Robinson owned Lehi Roller Mills for more than 25 years, during which time he grew the company to serve clients as far away as California.

Upon the death of his father, Mr. Robinson’s son, Sherman, took ownership of Lehi Roller Mills, and the Robinson family continued to play a role in the business’ management even after Sherman Robinson’s passing in 1980. Over the course of their involvement, the family on several occasions upgraded the mill’s equipment in an effort to maintain the level of quality that George C. Robinson was committed to achieving.

KEB Enterprises purchased Lehi Roller Mills in 2013. Going forward, it intends to uphold the Robinson family’s long tradition of using the finest wheat to produce the best flour.