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BNY Stands out with Strong Social Media Engagement

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Brigham Young University
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The founder of Nature’s Sunshine and Zija International, Kenneth Brailsford has more than 40 years of experience in the herbal encapsulation field. Kenneth Brailsford holds a bachelor of science in economics from Brigham Young University (BYU), which recently ranked eighth in the country among the universities with the most social media engagement.

Every year, the Higher Ed Social Media Engagement Report ranks universities based on their social media engagement, as measured by follower growth and communication with followers. One of the main drivers of BYU’s high ranking is its highly-engaged body of students and alumni, who drove the university’s Twitter handle to the number five spot in the nation, a drastic jump from last year’s ranking of 21. The handle now has nearly 52,000 followers.

Another factor that helped BYU soar was its Instagram page, which jumped from 17th to 12th in the rankings. The university relies on strategies based on user-generated content, including posts by students studying abroad. Thanks to these strategies, BYU’s Instagram page has grown to include more than 91,000 followers.


Economics Undergrads Assist with Genealogy Research at BYU

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Image: labs.familysearch.org

Entrepreneur Kenneth Brailsford is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience. He has founded multiple businesses, including Zija International and Nature’s Sunshine. Before embarking on his professional career, Kenneth Brailsford attended Brigham Young University (BYU), where he obtained a bachelor of science in economics in 1969. Today, a number of students in the Department of Economics at BYU assist with research at the university’s renowned Record Linking Lab (RLL).

The RLL supports the FamilySearch program, which curates the largest genealogical database in the world. There are two main ways that RLL offers support: first, by seeking out ways to apply academic research to the FamilySearch program; and second, through field research conducted with the goal of encouraging greater participation in FamilySearch.

Researchers also examine the records already contributed to the database in order to identify which segments require additional attention. The ultimate objective is a mutually beneficial relationship between FamilySearch and the academic community.